Helping Kids Sleep Better This Holiday Season

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2022 | Firm News

Do you sleep in Heavenly Peace?

Our  Richmond Office partnered with the non-profit “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” to help build beds for children and families in need. Roth Jackson wholeheartedly agrees with Sleep in Heavenly Peace in the belief that all children deserve a safe and comfortable place to lay their heads at night. We are ecstatic to have gotten to work with them in building beds.

“Our goal for the afternoon was to build 10+ bunk beds for local children” – RJ RVA’s Andy Condlin said.

The event had great turnout and was a wonderful, constructive way to give back to the community. To see a full list of our community partners, check out our community outreach page.

For more information on “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” and to volunteer at future SHP events please visit their website.