Chesterfield County is rolling out a new application and zoning and land use consideration process effective December 1, 2018

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Chesterfield Planning is moving toward a new zoning process where cutoff dates will no longer be the focus of an application submittal. Part of the staff will exclusively handle case intake and zoning opinions, including pre-application meetings to help applicants prepare and assemble an application that can be more adequately reviewed by all departments earlier then has been done in their current process.

Once an actual application has been submitted and accepted as complete, a Project Manager will be assigned. A public hearing date will be determined after the application has had an internal review by all qualifying departments at a new committee called the Technical Review Committee (TRC). This more formal discussion will provide input to the application to address concerns (if any) for additional information to prepare the application for presentation at a community meeting and if the application is ready to be scheduled for a public hearing for the Planning Commission and then the Board of Supervisors. It is expected that specific deadline dates will be established by the TRC to respond to all comments raised by the TRC in order for the application to proceed to public hearing.

To see the latest draft of the diagrammatic explanation of the process click here.

For more information contact Andrew Condlin at [email protected].